Spheric Webinar: “How aquaculture can become the green protein machine?”

Spheric hosted a high-level webinar for the Global Aquaculture Challenge initiative, topics ranging from aquaculture nutrition to the impact of innovation were covered during the 2 hour webinar where we had the participation of renowned experts.

About the webinar:

Aquaculture is practically the only animal protein known to man that can be increased in output without ensuring the environmental demise of the planet. 

To fulfill this potential, innovators will have to overcome legacy farming techniques and use of substances that have held back an industry that only really started to take off in the 1980s. Getting aquaculture right will have a profound impact on the world. It means plugging a protein shortage to a growing world population, reducing the risks of climate change and creating new needed jobs in poor rural areas.

Hosted by:

  • Matt Craze


  • Dr. Randall Brummett, Senior Fisheries and Aquaculture Specialist, World Bank Group
  • Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons, Aquaculture expert from the University of Arizona and chair of global competition F3
  • Dr. Christopher Golden, Assistant Prof of Nutrition and Planetary health, Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health

Watch the reply of the webinar below.