Case Studies

Map of the European salmon supply chain

Spheric Research carried out a detailed study of retailers to map out the vast mid-level European salmon processing industry. These companies are often located in Poland and Lithuania and process Norwegian and Scottish salmon into filleted portions for European supermarkets. We built a database of 600 entries that helped identify processors.

Cold-water shrimp growth opportunity

Through a series of interviews with seafood industry experts and executives we were able to gather information on market perception, consumption, and trends in Europe, North America and Asia on certain cold water shrimp species. We compiled a series of insights from 18 experts that helped visualize a global outlook of the product whilst identifying key biological and geographical factors that impacted performance in the market.

Pelagic Fishing Industry Sales Opportunity

Spheric Research was tasked with fleshing out a highly complex global supply chain, with species such as mackerel and herring getting sold as a cheap protein across Europe, former Soviet states, and Russia. We compiled a series of insights from 18 experts on trade flows, and how key biological factors influence the buying patterns of traditional buyers of these fish.