At Spheric Research, we are becoming an integral part of future food systems by charting their progress through data and analytics. We are building datasets and market intelligence on closed environment agriculture, alternative proteins, and modern aquaculture.

A career at Spheric Research is an opportunity to join an early-stage company where you will work directly with our leadership team. The unique opportunities you will have working at Spheric are tailored towards developing your consulting and research skills through hands-on opportunities in the field and direct interaction with those industry leaders who are responsible for ensuring a lower carbon, environmentally friendly global food system.

Our team has bases across countries and continents, and you may find yourself working with people completely different to yourself and traveling to conferences and locations where our clients run their production facilities.

We are looking to hire across disciplines, borders, and backgrounds, and our process focuses on positive-minded people with leadership potential and a devotion to finding solutions to problems. We strongly believe that talent and the right attitude is the best indicator of success, and we encourage people who feel passionate about sustainable food systems to get in touch and arrange a meeting.