Spheric in cooperation with Undercurrent News has authored various industry reports:

Land-based Aquaculture Report 2021

  • The Land-based Aquaculture Report, previously launched as The Salmon Land-based Handbook, is the second edition of our land-based aquaculture report series, this new issue includes a wide range of species, we found 32 projects to grow shrimp on land using modern technology, and about 60 projects in the other species category.

Salmon’s Top 50 2021

  • The report offers years of collective knowledge compiled in a ranking that includes data from many privately-owned companies, to order a copy click here

The Land-based Salmon Handbook

  • The first report to provide a comprehensive database of initiatives to harvest weight salmon on land, as well as modern smolt farms using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), to order a copy click here

Aquaculture Frontiers: Full Edition

  • After finishing our Aquaculture Frontiers series in 2019 we decided to condense all the 6 reports into one. The report combines six instalments that were all published between 2019 and early 2020, and combines our own research with the broad, global reporting from the Undercurrent News team. To order a copy click here.


Aquaculture Frontiers: Overview

Part 1: Can RAS Turbocharge Aquaculture?
Part 2: Species spotlight – Salmon
Part 3: Species spotlight – Shrimp
Part 4: Species spotlight – Tilapia and Catfish
Part 5: Spotlight on aquaculture finance
Part 6: The Future of Marine Aquaculture