Pelagic Fishing Industry Sales Opportunity

Use case: Growth Strategy

Spheric Research was tasked with fleshing out a highly complex global supply chain, with species such as mackerel and herring getting sold as a cheap protein across Europe, former Soviet states, and Russia. We compiled a series of insights from 18 experts on trade flows, and how key biological factors influence the buying patterns of traditional buyers of these fish.

  • Team
    • 2 Project managers
    • 1 Analyst
    • 1 Researcher
  • Timeline
    • 20 Weeks

You guys nailed it. This is exactly what our members need to realize the opportunity that is out there.  There are definitely parts of the industry that are clear opportunities


Project Highlights

•Recruit key experts in Eastern European, West African, and Scandinavian countries to provide a complete picture of this industry

•Analysis pulled together years of pricing trends and analyzed other key variables such as fat levels and value of roe to understand market dynamics.

About the client

The client is a governmental organization that Works with a major fishery. The study provided difficult-to-get insights from a difficult to piece together industry and allowed the client to understand changes in growth trends and to identify significant new sales opportunities