Exclusive interview with Atlantic Sapphire CEO and Co-founder, Johan Andreassen

Recently in our Podcast Series with Undercurrent News, our founder Matt Craze interviewed the CEO of the world’s largest land-based salmon company, Atlantic Sapphire. During the 30-minute interview several points were discussed ranging from the operations of their main facilities at Miami and Denmark to the performance of salmon smolt in closed systems.

Atlantic Sapphire achieved a massive stock exchange valuation of $1 billion for its groundbreaking effort to build a major RAS facility near Miami. The facility when reaching its nameplate capacity is expected to produce 220,000 metric tons of atlantic salmon a year, more than half of current US demand for Atlantic salmon.

Kudos to Johan for speaking plainly and with candor about the challenges of transforming a major recirculating aqua system (known as RAS) from entrepreneurial vision to reality.

You can have access to the interview here: