Op-ed piece: Climate change makes case for RAS salmon farms

Matt Craze’s op-ed piece about climate change makes a case for salmon RAS. Since publication, there have been Q1 reports of big fish losses in Chile and New Zealand. New Zealand King Salmon CEO Grant Rosewarne last week called salmon farming the “canary in the coalmine” for climate change. Read the full piece at: Undercurrent News

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The Global Aquaculture Challenge, an initiative supported by Spheric, announces its cohort, sponsors and prizes

Since its early starts, Spheric has been working together with The Yield Lab Asia Pacific in the organization of the Global Aquaculture Challenge, a non-profit accelerator program and competition. Throughout this effort we have implemented our expertise in the aquaculture industry hand in hand with renowned experts to evaluate a large variety of companies that applied from around the…

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Summing up AquaNor 2017 🇳🇴

Spheric Research at AquaNor 2017, Trondheim, Norway.

Matt just returned from Trondheim, Norway and a busy four days at the salmon industry’s biannual get together, working on the forthcoming feed report to be published by Undercurrent News. The salmon industry is booming, and hundreds of service providers want a piece of the action, selling everything from life jackets to gigantic offshore cages that have been crafted…

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