Consumer Seafood Report

Seafood Through the Consumer’s Eyes

The Seafood Through the Consumer’s Eyes Report is a way for anyone interested in the US retail seafood market to gain access to asymmetric insights about the US consumer. The report offers a unique inside view into how Americans consume seafood at home.

The report comes in four parts:

  • A national quantitative overview of at-home seafood consumption habits including the full consumer journey, and extensive attitudinal and behavioral measures
  • Deep qualitative and quantitative insights of the emotional and psychological associations consumers have with seafood
  • A rigorous data-driven segmentation of consumers based on behavioral differences, with a robust explanation of the drivers of those differences based on variations in context, desired experiences and beliefs held by each group
  • A series of case-studies which seek to resolve some of the most pressing questions in the seafood industry, using insights from our extensive quantitative and qualitative research

Our proprietary data is the foundation of this report and was derived from over 60 hours of one-on-one in-depth exploratory interviews and a national quantitative survey of 1,500 seafood consumers.

The data reveal a poorly informed and confused consumer who has a deeply personal relationship to seafood guided more by personal experience, online content, and family history, than from industry communications. Our analysis reveals some unmistakable and some nuanced differences between segments of consumers who think and act differently from one another.  

The goal of this report is actionability. Whether using our data to power internal analysis or by applying our insights to your business, the Seafood Through the Consumer’s Eyes Report is your roadmap to the American seafood consumer.