How we do it

Our consulting work is led and delivered by our most senior talent, and uses our own unique process to uncover and integrate data which is difficult to obtain. We then integrate that data in a way that is insightful and meaningful, in the service of framing and informing choices for the client which lead to action and impact. 

Targeted Expert Research

Sometimes there are no good published secondary sources for the information you need. This is certainly the case in niche industries, small categories, and emerging technologies.  That’s why we developed a unique process for identifying, recruiting, incentivizing and debriefing industry experts who individually understand key elements, and collectively can yield a holistic understanding of the topic at hand.

Even in large or established industries, this process is highly relevant. We successfully deploy Expert Interviewing for work involving the “voice of the customer,” supplier insights, triangulation of market sizing, and expert views of nascent and emerging trends.  This approach is powerful, economical, and delivers asymmetric insight. 

Data Interpretation & Modeling

A good analytical process integrates the best available information in a smart way to distill from it the most relevant insights.

In addition to targeted expert research, we also have significant experience finding data sources that are difficult to uncover. Using data from both sources, we form a point of view, define scenarios and choices, and thereby help clients see what matters, and take action. 


Closed Environment Agriculture 

Food and Agriculture

The Team


George Crocker

Strategy Consultant and Food Industry Executive

George Crocker spent ten years as strategy consultant in a global strategy consulting firm. He specialized in sales and marketing strategy for consumer goods and services clients.  He later served as the CEO of a $400 million packaged food and coffee company, and has served as director on the boards of seven private food and beverage companies. He lived for 12 years in Asia and 8 years in Australia, and speaks fluent French and Mandarin.

George holds a BA from Amherst College, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.


Matt Craze

Global expert in seafood and controlled environment agriculture

Matt worked for Bloomberg LLP for 11 years and initiated commodities news coverage in the EMEA and Latin America. Matt is the founder of Spheric Research, through which he has provided consultancy services on aquaculture and seafood in most parts of the world. Clients include Big 4 accounting/consulting firms, national governments, national and regional fishing industry associations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Matt holds a dual MBA from Cornell University and Queen’s University.