Spheric Research

Spheric Research is a global advisory firm that offers independent, and reliable analysis, research and consulting services centered around sustainable food systems of today and the future. Our reputation is built on providing relevant data, analytics, and insights on the state of current and future global food industries that enable our customers to make informed decisions to navigate risk.  

We are dedicated to global research on new forms of sustainable novel food sources, including our proprietary database of land-based aquaculture farms of the world. Our flagship report in this area, the Land-based Aquaculture Report, has been published for the past two years in partnership with Undercurrent News, the leading provider of global seafood industry news. The breadth and depth of our knowledge allows us to provide reliable and unbiased insights into global aquaculture, future food systems, indoor agriculture and alternative proteins and oils for animal and human consumption.  

Spheric Research was founded in 2017 by Matt Craze following his many years working on global mining, energy, and commodity markets. While leading Bloomberg’s initiative on agricultural commodities in Latin America, Matt observed firsthand the inflation agitated by protectionism resulting in the Food Prices Crisis of 2007-2008, and the continued destruction of forests in the Amazon and Chaco to expand agricultural acreage. These events coupled with advances in digital technology, an expanding global population and a shortage of food supply offered an opportunity to support the venture investment in agriculture and food systems that exceeded $100 billion in 2020 and 2021.  

Since inception, we have provided expert knowledge in the form of research, insights, and strategy on future food systems. Clients include major agricultural companies, global corporations including the big 4 consulting firms, governments, and Sogo Shosha Japanese corporations. Some notable projects include a map of the European Salmon Industry, providing go-to market strategies to aquaculture associations, due-diligence for M&A and bond prospectus and presenting to the Global Seafood Alliance’s Annual GOAL conference on seafood demand.  

Spheric Research has published more than a dozen industry seafood industry reports, including the Land-based Aquaculture Report, which is a global database of companies planning to use recirculating aquaculture technology (RAS) and similar technology to grow fish on land. The report is the only known data-backed study on this global nascent industry. Aquaculture Frontiers was a series of six parts that was an attempt to develop an understanding of the entire global aquaculture industry. Spheric Research continues to bring together specialists from many disciplines around the globe, working to deliver insights and services to the global sustainable food industry.