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Spheric Research’s value proposition in the briefest terms is to provide key insights into the food industry, especially in the areas of seafood and aquaculture.

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food sector. It’s an industry that the United Nation’s Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) sees as critical to meeting the protein needs of a growing world population. However, it’s also a sector that has struggled to shake off a bad reputation for its environmental footprint.

Part of the misconception arises from the fact that the seafood industry is fragmented, mostly privately owned and concentrated in little-understood emerging market nations. Matt Craze, who helped establish commodities news desks for Bloomberg LLP in various parts of the world, founded Spheric Research in 2017 to provide key insights into the seafood sector. No major financial news publication — from the Economist to the Financial Times — has ever provided specialist news coverage of this $100 billion+ industry, which explains why seafood is so little understood from the outside.

Matt spent two years working as a reporter for Undercurrent News, the industry’s most read seafood publication, to specialize in this area. Matt continues to contribute to Undercurrent News and writes in-depth industry publications that are marketed and distributed through its website (see Undercurrent News section for more information about these reports).

Spheric Research provides three key services:

  • In-depth industry reports published by Undercurrent News
  • Custom research for companies on industry topics. This includes investor presentation and marketing material
  • Background research for industry groups